jeudi 7 janvier 2021

USK TALK EP1 - S2 / THE CHALLENGE : Paint your window view

 [ par Urban Sketchers Paris ]

Step 1
Sketch what you see at your window outside.
Direct watercolor is better to get a depth effect at the end.
Start very lightly with diluted colors like a clear juice.

Second Step
Bring details with deep colors very bright in the foreground
For the building windows payne grey is great and phtalo green also .
Bring values and Shadows.

Step 3

Draw the windows frames
With a small brush and a very dark color that you get mixing: brown, indigo and red. Even if your window is clear, against the light it looks dark.
Don’t forget all little details: cremonese, handles… to put light inside use the reserve paper.

Step 4
to finish your sketch and give the feeling you are behind the glass:
Create the reflect of the window, using a big brush (a real one not a reservoir brush, it is very important) and on a very dry sketch put a blue phatlo deluted brushstroke . As if you are washing tiles. Don’t be afraid, you must have a decided gesture. After drying the blue color will be very light. Reflect must not be too regular, some parts must stay clean.

Enjoy and share your drawing on Instagram with  @uskparis @blannaudlevy @marion_rivolier

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  1. Merci Marion, d'avoir pris le temps de taper toutes ces précieuses indications ;-))