samedi 11 juin 2011

Croquis nocturnes dans le XVème

Square Saint-Lambert 75015 Paris

Mairie du XVeme

Here are my results from the HIGHLY experimental evening yesterday trying to draw the night. We met up at the Square Saint-Lambert in the 15th arrondissement, where they were having a concert followed by an open-air movie screening. Unfortunately, it had rained on and off all day with temperatures dropping, so we found ourselves sitting in a very cold and damp basin, and couldn't stay to enjoy the evening as much as we would have liked.

I've always been fascinated by paintings done at night, and this was my first time to try a night sketch first hand. I knew it woudn't be easy, but it was definitely lots of fun. There were about 10-15 minutes of perfect light - dark enough with the lights coming on when I could still clearly see my paper - before I couldn't really see my what I was doing any more. I'd like to do more, and experiment with different materials etc. - Kim

st lambert4

st lambert 3

st lambert 2 

Après une journée météorologiquement très tourmentée, nous avons retrouvé plusieurs "croqueurs" pour ce qui devait être une soirée croquis de nuit... Malheureusement, le temps froid et humide nous a contraint à nous replier au moment où la nuit était vraiment là et que les lumières de la ville devenaient belles.
Les croquis ne sont donc pas vraiment de nuit, plutôt de fin de journée. - Juliette

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