vendredi 8 février 2013

Dessine-moi un robot

Last Sunday Paris sketchers got together at the Musée des arts et métiers, one of my favorite museums that houses scientific instruments and inventions.

They have a special robot exhibition, "Et l'homme créa... le robot", going on from now until March 3rd full of great stuff to look at and draw. Unfortunately it was the first Sunday of the month, and the show has understandably been a success. So by the afternoon, there was a fairly long line, with adults and children alike eager to check out the machines on display.

Since it was getting pretty crowded, I decided to go back a few days later to try and sketch something. I didn't get very far into the exhibition, as I started right away with these 18th and 19th century androids. I've been into "moody" drawings lately, and my ballpoint pen seemed suited to this section of the display.

I didn't know this before, but it seems the word "android" can actually be traced all the way back to 1728. I guess because I'd grown up on Star Wars and later fell in love with Blade Runner, I'd always assumed that androids are robots. It was interesting to learn that this is only partially true, and to discover some of the history of robots, automatons and androids, reading more after I got home.

It was also interesting to discover all the difficulty there seems to be in simply defining the word "robot". Even the dictionaries don't seem to fully agree, and so far my favorite quote has been from Joseph Engelberger, a pioneer in industrial robotics, "I can't define a robot, but I know one when I see one."

Perhaps this comes from an uneasy relationship to these machines usually built to perform human functions, and sometimes even resemble us? The exhibition sets a tone from the start with a display featuring the Three Laws of Robotics. By emphasizing the increasing intelligence of these machines throughout, it certainly provides food for thought.
– Kim

Le matin, j'ai choisi de croquer ces 3 robots:
  • Le robot le plus petit de l'exposition, conçu pour une intervention in vitro, il est utilisé en chirurgie gastrique (le 'Micro-robot MIPS').
  • Un des robots qui permis de découvrir, étudier et faire de belles photographies des abysses (la 'Maquette du robot Victor 6000 d'Ifremer').
  • Un robot qui fait référence à un temps très lointain… (un des 'Roboraptor').
L'après midi je voulais y retourner en croquer d'autres, mais il y avait un monde tel, que je n'ai pas pu.
– Fleur

Pas d'exposition robots pour moi ...trop de monde... Après avoir dessiné une Peugeot de 1906 dans l'église qui renferme une partie des collections du musée des Arts et Métiers, je suis tombée en arrêt devant une petite vitrine qui exposait ces magnifiques et rigolos petits robots. Ceux-ci, confectionnés avec des pièces de réveils, de tondeuses à cheveux, de pièces mécaniques, sont de très jolies créations de Sofie de la Ferraille.
– Martine

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