dimanche 2 juin 2013

Bonjour, Paris!

In the Tuileries, lots of people passing by

Palais du Luxembourg, in the rain
Glowing purple flowers in the rain, Place de Contrescarpe, Paris

Hello Paris sketchers,

My name is Stephanie Bower, and I am a Seattle Urban Sketcher spending this summer mostly in Paris. Earlier this year, I was awarded the Gabriel Prize, an architecture fellowship for one person from the USA to study french architecture for 3 months. I am so excited to be here!  My project will take me to Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte and Fontainebleau, and I'll also be doing lots of sketching around Paris.  If anyone wants to join me, let me know!

In the US, I'm trained as an architect and work primarily as an architectural illustrator, producing pencils sketches and watercolors for some wonderful projects and offices.  I've also been teaching architectural sketching in the US, both in New York City and in Seattle for over 20 years, and I'll be teaching a workshop in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy in July. I'm fairly new to Urban Sketchers and find it a brilliant concept.  It's inspiring to see what other people are doing around the world.

I have already met Martine and Kim, who graciously invited me to post as a Paris Urban Sketcher while I am here.  Thank you, I am honored, and I look forward to meeting more Paris sketchers.

These are some of my first drawings...I hope to find my sketching style and learn more over the next few months as I have this amazing opportunity to sketch and paint every day...
thank you for the warm welcome!

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