jeudi 25 août 2011

La ville de Versailles

Royal Gourmet, Versailles

Went to Versailles a couple of times over the past few weeks - it is always nice to take little day trips out of the city. The town often seems like a world apart, and it is quite easy to imagine how the royal court managed to stay removed from the goings-on of Paris, just 10 miles away. The chateau, of course, is an unparalleled monument to regal grandeur à l'excès. But the town surrounding the palace is also picturesque and in some ways almost "aloof" at times.

In any case, the road to the chateau was pretty well paved with tourists. But down the sidestreets the local businesses were closed for vacation, perfect for some nice quite sketching...

Old buildings, city of Versailles

One day we did visit the chateau gardens, where I did this very quick sketch of the Bassin d'Apollon.

Bassin d'Apollon, Chateau de Versailles

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