jeudi 5 mai 2011

Caldarium, Thermes de Cluny

An afternoon with Juliette sketching the Gallo-Roman bath ruins outside the Hôtel de Cluny (which is a museum, and not a hotel) in the 5th arrondissement.

We originally planned to draw the frigidarium inside the museum. Unfortunately, a temporary exhibition kept us from finding the views that we were looking for. Lucky us, the weather was great, so we went outside and I managed to sketch this instead.

(In reality, there is an iron fence surrounding the whole thing. But my %$@! recycled paper, which I thought might be interesting for drawing rocks, is absolutely %$@! for drawing fences, so I just omitted it all together. You can see the fence in Juliette's drawing.)
– Kim 

Nous sommes allés au Musée de Cluny avec Kim, avec l'envie de dessiner des ruines gallo-romaines, les thermes... Cluny est le musée du moyen-âge c'est certain, bien moins des vestiges sublimes gallo-romains! Nous nous sommes donc installées côté boulevard st Michel face aux vestiges presque visuellement accessibles.
– Juliette

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