lundi 16 mai 2011

Kanto Hospital, Tokyo

A quick trip to Japan to see my grandmother who was hospitalized for pneumonia. They had her on oxygen and iv's, and for the first few days she slept a lot. This was the view from her window.

She made a surprisingly quick recovery, however, and was very soon bored. The TV screen in her room was too small. We brought her some magazines, but she "had them at home". She didn't quite understand why she had to stay in the hospital in the first place.

So in order to entertain her I drew a little. Here she is, watching me draw her.

Portraits are not my thing, so I moved on to the flowers on her table. She watched intently, smiling and laughing when she saw where the drawing was going. She's very hard of hearing, so I wrote what I was saying to her on the side.

With just a simple pencil and piece of paper you can communicate, entertain, while away the time in a hospital room and bring a smile to someone's face... I'm so glad I've started to sketch, and this trip has reminded me once again.

4 commentaires:

  1. I hope that your grandmother will get well soon ! very nice drawings!

  2. Thank you Ana. She is at home now, which is great. Still hanging in there, for a gal of 96, not bad! Will I be seeing you in Lisbon? I am planning to take the train, and backpack through Spain a few days before the symposium. Maybe we can hook up? Cheers!