mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Invitée : Inma SERRANO de Seville, Espagne

Paris as a magical dream

Notre Dame
Luckily this past summer I spent a few days in your city.
Any of the streets in Paris is a show of people, colors, shapes, sounds...
I felt like calling to draw everything!
I filled many pages of my sketchbook drawing places we all know by films or photos.
Deconstructing Notre Dame and knock down the Eiffel Tower was really an experience for me...
Eiffel Tower

Walking and stopping at pubs and terraces full of people... 
Sketching anonymous places too ...

Paris 14 Ago. Happy hour.
Paris 14 Ago. Happy hour.

Watching people, living moments, sitting in cafés, making picnic by the river...

All you (the local group of sketchers) invited me to spend a day drawing the bridges of Paris. I felt really welcome, as  I was at home (special thanks to Kim and Maria!)

Now back to my work, and I remember Paris as a summer unforgettable dream. 
I share with you here all my daily little memories.

Inma SERRANO est correspondente du blog Urban Sketchers. Elle contribue également au blog USk Spain, et vous pouvez découvrir son blog personelle à Elle partage son album souvenirs de sa visite à Paris ici.

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