jeudi 8 août 2013

Recent Sketches

Sketch from BCN workshop.

As my time in France winds down, I am scrambling to draw and paint as much as possible. I can't believe this time is going by so quickly.

Here are a few recent sketches, from the amazing Barcelona symposium, to the workshop I taught in Italy (I'll be teaching it again next summer, in case anyone is interested), to my visit to relatives in Holland, and of course in and around Paris!  

I really love doing the vary long horizontal and vertical views.  More to come!
On my list of things to do is a tall one inside Saint Eustache.
A bientôt~~

Interior of church in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.
I'll be teaching an architectural sketching workshop there again next summer, in case anyone is interested!
Den Haag
Hotel de Ville, Paris...sitting on the curb in traffic~~
Entry to Civita~~

The most difficult drawing ever,
inside the Sagrada Familia.

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